The Web App for Geolocating Points of Interest around your Property.

Hotel owners,
show web site visitors the role your hotel plays in the local landscape and stimulate your on-line reservations.

Location is the second most important criteria for choosing a hotel after price.

Promoting the location of your hotel and points of interest nearby

Increasing the sales effectiveness of your website

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promote your attraction, location or business to qualified travellers and tourists and increase the numbers coming through your door.

Appearing on Geolike means :

  • Being promoted on a very large network of hotel websites.
  • Reaching targeted visitors when they are on the point of leaving to visit the locality of your point of interest.
  • Presenting your tourism and leisure service at the point where it has the most impact : when someone is preparing their trip.
  • Reaching a qualified French and International customer base.


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get a large audience for your tourism and leisure features, make yourself known and win travel prizes.

Are you a blogger? Do you travel a lot? Do you simply want to share your experiences? Publish your travel stories on Geolike and take part in a scheme to convert your popularity into prizes!

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